Success Stories

I have been playing sports, namely basketball since I was five.  I have always had my share of bumps and bruises but never that big injury, until in 2008 when I came down wrong in a basketball game and tore my ACL and MCL.  It truly was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I didn’t know if I would be able to walk right again much less play the game that I love.

I can tell you that today, not only can I walk right, but I am back on the court and doing everything I could before my injury. The reason? Jon, Dave and Chet at Rebound Physical Therapy.  From the day I came in, just 3 days after I had torn everything, to the therapy that I started just 72 hours after surgery to the final session and my workouts today, I owe it all to Rebound. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guys at Rebound. From Jon, Dave and Chet to the owners, they take special care with every individual who walks through the doors. My relationship with them has extended beyond the Therapy sessions and I consider every one of them to be good friends of mine.

I would (and have) recommended Rebound to anyone trying to come back from an injury, no matter what age or what injury. They are the best and I wish only the best for them as their company continues to grow.

Jason Gibbs, past patient

Torn ACL and MCL

Rebound is just what happens when you come to Rebound Physical Therapy.  At first I didn’t like coming to therapy because it hurt!  But now I look forward to coming.  The guys at Rebound are great and really helpful.  I will definitely refer more people!

Johnnie Milan, patient

Total Shoulder Replacement

As a High School Athletic Trainer, I have full confidence in Rebound Physical Therapy treating my athletes.  Rebound does an excellent job rehabilitating my athletes so that they can return to athletic competition.

Chris Soworowski

Brooklyn High School Athletic Trainer

Only eight and a half months after my ACL replacement and Lateral Meniscus surgery, I crossed the finish line of the Honolulu Marathon – my first marathon.  It was a miraculous recovery beginning with the inability to walk without crutches to covering 26.2 elevated miles.  My recovery and race are a testament t the ability and motivation techniques of both Jon and Chet.  I could not have done it without their help and encouragement.  I would recommend Rebound to any athlete or non-athlete striving to make a full recovery.

As further proof of my recovery, I have registered for another half marathon in April and a full marathon in May.  I also have every intention of returning to softball and tennis this summer.  Once I had finished the race, I realized that all my hard work and effort at both Rebound and the gym had paid off.

Carol Prince, past patient

Rebuilt ACL and Torn Meniscus